7200 E-Tickets per Minute to be booked at IRCTC

Next Generation E-Ticketing System for IRCTC

Railway has taken steps to improve the user experience while booking E- Tickets through IRCTC website. The Next Generation E-Ticketing system is under development which is capable of booking 7200 tickets per minute. The estimated cost of this project is around Rs. 68.97 Crores.

This was announced by Railway minister Shri Kotla Jaya Surya Prakash Reddy and he also added the new system coming up with high performance and would support peak time hours where tatkal ticket booking happen. The system will also ensures to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.

Currently IRCTC using 62 servers to cater the needs of users who are booking their train tickets through IRCTC website.Checking IRCTC PNR status will also going to be easier.

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