Branded, ready to eat food in trains within few days

Railways are in talks with food manufacturers to provide branded ready to eat foods from reputed branded companies. Pricing of different food items will be decided very soon.

Presently this will be implemented in few selected trains like mail and express trains with pantry car facility.

The pre cooked food items will be initially launched on trains such as Karnataka Express, Frontier Mail, Paschim Express. Primarily the hygienity, quality of packaged food will be examined by a committee of health officials along with senior rail officials as many of the travelers are complaining about the quality of food served in trains.

readytoeat food in trains



As the items are pre-cooked, the committee mainly has to certify about its bacteria free life.Most probably the approval will be finalized in a month or so from now on.

As of trials, pre-cooked food items by reputed brands like ITC, MTR, Kohinoor Foods, Quickmeal and Deleez were made available on few trains and got positive response from passengers and it is quite encouraging.

Wait few more days to taste the branded food from Railways..

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