Classes in Indian Railways

Are you planning for a journey? Then first try to know the classes of accommodation available in Indian Railways before booking your ticket.

There are 10 different classes of accommodation observed in Indian Railways.


Class Code

Fares Increased By

 First Class AC 1A 30 Paisa/Km
AC Two Tier 2A 15 Paisa/Km
First Class FC 10 Paisa/Km
 AC Three Tier  3A  10 Paisa/Km
 AC Three Tier( Economy) 3E 10 Paisa/Km
 AC Chair Car  CC  10 Paisa/Km
 Executive Class Chair Car EC  10 Paisa/Km
 Sleeper Class SL 5 Paisa/Km
 Seater Class(Second Sitting)  2S 2 Paisa/Km
Unreserved(General)  UR/Gen  2 Paisa/Km

Fares List for some of the trains is as below:

Let us discuss about each and every class of accommodation.

First Class AC:

For this type of accommodation berths are allotted for the night and seats for the day. Both berths and seats are considered identical with respect to fare and accommodations. Though this is the most expensive class with high fares, I promise you can have a luxurious journey.

In this type of coaches, facilities are up to the mark where in which inside is carpeted, very much spacious, have sleeping accommodation and you will have privacy features also. It has lockable 4-berth and 2-berth compartments, and also has an attached washbasin but while booking tickets you won’t find an option of choosing 4-berth or 2-berth though preferences are given to families and couples.

Each coach accommodates 18 passengers. Mostly these types of coaches are allotted in prominent routes generally between metropolitan cities.

AC Two Tier:

For this type of accommodation you won’t find any separate compartments like 1A.

The berths are arranged in bays of four (two upper, two lower) on one side, and in bays of two, above and below the windows, on the other side. Berths are allotted for the night and seats for the day. Curtains are provided across each of the beds and at the entrance of the compartment. Individual reading lamps are also provided. Each coach accommodates 48 passengers.

First Class:

This class is same as First Class AC but without Air Conditioning. Now-a-Days this type of class cannot be observed in most of the trains except some very few Express trains. This class is a non-ac two tier sleeper with 26 berths (3 coupes of 2 berths and 5 cabins of 4 berths).

AC Three Tier:

AC3 coaches are also air conditioned coaches with sleeping berths. Berths are usually arranged as in 2AC but it has 3 tiers of beds – upper, middle and lower, arranged in bays of six on one side and bays of two (upper and lower) on the other side . This coach doesn’t have reading lights or curtains. Each coach accommodates 64 passengers.

AC Three Tier (Economy):

This is a new AC Class, offering travel at fares lesser than the normal 3 tier AC. Everything in the coach is same as in 3 tier AC but with somewhat less comfortability. Berths are usually arranged as in 3AC but with three tiers across the width and three long ways (six on one side and three on the other).Usually these don’t have reading lights or curtains and bedding is not included in the fare and is available with a payment of Rs.25\- per passenger.

The extra berths are being squeezed in to increase coach capacity from 64 to 72 berths but it will, however, reduce the comfort level. A ticket in AC three tier Economy class may cost up to Rs 50 less than an AC three tier ticket.

AC Chair Car:

This is an Air conditioned seating coach used to travel for a short distance in which there is no requirement to sleep. Provides you a comfortable journey.

These have a total of five seats in a row. They are found in all intercity day-time trains.

Executive Class Chair Car:

These are air-conditioned seating coaches and mainly preferred for short distance travel, who don’t need a berth.

They are exactly like the AC chair class except these has a total of four seats in a row.

Sleeper Class:

This is a sleeper class coach and is mostly preferred by the people who are looking for cheap fares with normal comfortability.

Usually, ten or more coaches are attached together. In this class, berths are arranged in a row of three (upper, middle, lower) on one side and a row of two (upper and lower) on the other side of compartment wall. Bedding is not provided and this is not air-conditioned. These coaches are crowded, noisy and sometimes may look dirty also. During the day, the middle beds must be folded down flat against the compartment walls to allow passengers to sit on the lower beds.

Preferred for long distance travel and can accommodate 72 passengers in a coach.

Seater Class (Second Sitting):

This class is similar to AC Chair Car, yet doesn’t have the air-conditioning. These have bench style seating and can accommodate 108 passengers per coach. These are not even comfortable for short distance travels.

Unreserved (General):

This is the cheapest accommodation class offered by railways. Here, seats are made of pressed wood and now-a-days with cushions but the problem is seat is not assured since the tickets for such class are issued usually two hours prior to the actual departure of train and is valid for 24hrs to board the train. Generally this class is very crowded.

Hope this article makes you clear about all the classes that are there in Indian Railways.

Happy Journey..!


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