Cloak Room and Locker Charges Up by Railways from Feb 1,2013

In addition to increase in rail fares on 22nd January 2013, Railways freshly announced that Cloak Room charges and Locker Charges will be increased. This will come in to effect from 1st Feb, 2013.

Railways have not revised the cloak room and locker charges since October, 2001.

Passengers have to pay more from now to keep their belongings safe.

Locker Charges:

To keep  belongings in the locker at railway stations for 24hrs, passengers have to pay Rs.20. Earlier it was only Rs.5.Now it is 4 times more compared to earlier.

After 24hrs, for every 24hrs passengers need to pay Rs.30.

Cloak room charges:

The cloak room charge has been revised from Rs.10 to Rs.15.

Rs.10 for first 24hrs. Later on for every 24 hrs passenger has to pay Rs.20.

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