Fine up to 500/- on public affecting cleanliness of Railway Premises

Do you people feel disgusted about your neighbours contaminating Railway Platforms and Premises? Wanna do something but unable to…

Dont worry..!

In order to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at Railway premises, the Railway Act has been suitably amended.

The public has to pay fines upto 500/- to the Railway administration if they are involved in the act of littering, cooking, bathing, spitting, urinating, defecating, washing utensils or clothers, or indulge in any other activities which will affect the cleanliness of the Railway premises.

Also punishment for pasting/putting up posters or any other materials unauthorisedly.

Commercial staff will be authorised to impose and collect fines from the public.

Everyone has to cooperate with the Railway administration to keep the Premises clean.

Don’t let your character change color with your environment. Be careful the environment you
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