Fraud in Tatkal Ticket Bookings by Touts

Have you wondered anytime why it is so difficult to get Tatkal tickets even though you have logged at the specified time? Why people unable to get Tatkal tickets within 10 to 15 min of first hour?

Reason may shock you…

Tatkal tickets have been introduced for the travelers who don’t plan their journey in advance.Tatkal would be the only option to book their tickets. Taking this as an advantage touts and mediators in cooperation with few railway officials encash from such kind of people.

The fact is that Travel agents have established a network with railway officials. When actual booking starts, they book the tickets by leaving the name field blank and when a passenger approaches for a ticket then the booking clerk fills in the name column finally. This is how booking happens.

One day, An Investigation team visited the New Delhi Railway Station and found some unbelievable facts. Gambling..!Gambling…Scams in Tatkal and VIP quota tickets.

One among the team spoke to Officials and even the agents at the station saying that they are in need of AC tickets in Tatkal.

This is the conversation happened among the two (Agent, Person in need ticket):

Agent: Where do you want to go?

Person: Patna

With in no time, Agent replied….

Agent:  I can get you a confirmed III AC ticket for Rajdhani Express.

Person: Will the tickets be in our names?

Agent: Yes, 100% Sir. You will get the ticket on your name.

Person: How much is the ticket?

Agent: Rs.4800/-

Person: What? Is this a tatkal ticket or VIP ticket..!

Agent: It’s Tatkal Sir.

The person was then taken to a booking agent…There he found the board “Tourist Centre Approved by Government”. Many customers were waiting at the office for tickets.

There the person found something interesting from the agent “The amount will be shared among the booking clerks, railway ministry officials and even for police too to run their business”.

Agents on each confirmed AC ticket earn 2000 to 3000/-.

See how our Indian Economy is…Everywhere bribing…Tickets sold in black market…How a common man can survive?

It would be better if Railways can take necessary action on such kind of people and help common man and it would also be good if they make the tatkal scheme serve all travelers.

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