Free Internet Access in trains

In the Railway Budget 2013, Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal announced that very soon they are going to provide internet access to all the Smart Phones and Laptop users while travelling in trains. This will be free of cost.

I think this would be a new energy booster to all the internet users, especially for those people in this hectic time who are totally engaged to Internet.

Extra added thing in this budget is Passengers can even book their train tickets from their mobile phones. Soon after booking, passengers will come to know about their reservation status through SMS Alerts. To know about your status, PNR No will be more helpful.

This Wi-Fi system will come in to process very shortly.

Follow Up to this there will be a next generation e-ticketing system by the end of this year.

Presently, due to the increased traffic on the website, naturally there will be congestion leading to dissatisfaction from passengers every day. To avoid this, railways have come up innovatively with next generation e-ticketing system.

This system will be able to support around 7000 tickets per minute against 1900 tickets per minute at present. The system will support 1, 25,000 simultaneous users at any point in time against the present capacity of 39,000 users.

Also this system makes use of advance fraud control and security management tools to further improve transparency in sale of tickets.

Railways are also planning to link train tickets with Aadhar cards to control fraudulous travel agents in bookings.

Though this information brings hopeful smiles on faces of people but to go in to implementation, probably it may take some time. Let us see how this system works and how effective it would be.

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