Half Yearly and Yearly season tickets for passengers from 01st April 2013

In addition to the provision of Monthly season tickets & Quarterly season tickets,Ministry of Railways has decided to introduce Half Yearly season tickets and Yearly season tickets. The Half Yearly season tickets & Yearly season tickets will be available for all categories of passengers.

The introduction of passes with longer duration would be cost effective as the six monthly pass would be available 5.4 times that of the monthly pass while the yearly pass would be available at 10.8 times that of an half-yearly pass.This will be applicable for both first class and second class season tickets commuters.

Izzat Monthly season tickets & Free Monthly season tickets for students shall continue to be issued only on monthly basis. Similarly, the concessional season tickets issued to students shall be issued on Monthly & Quarterly basis only.

As in the case of Monthly & Quarterly season tickets, no refund shall be permissible for Half Yearly season tickets(HST) & Yearly Season tickets(YST) also. Season tickets are non refundable.

This scheme will come into effect from 01st April, 2013.

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