IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking failure at the peak morning hours

Clock ticks 10am…Logged in the system and trying to book tatkal tickets…You find the website hanging frequently and your booking is not successful. Very much Disappointed..! 🙁

Know the reason behind the failure…

Interviewing Mr. Rakesh Kumar Tandon, the man who helms IRCTC says,

The problem of failure is that as the counters open at 10 am sharp, we have seen a maximum peak of up to 8 lakh concurrent connections – it means there are 8 lakh people knocking on our firewalls during the first 10-15 minutes from 10 o’clock. This number goes up ahead of festivals and summer vacations. We have a capacity of 1,500-2000 successful transactions a minute. So, naturally there’s congestion.

We have increased our bandwidth 10 times, to allow more people to come and log in. But traffic keeps on peaking, especially during a particular time in the morning. Suppose, we were to increase capacity to unlimited ticket bookings a minute, then most tickets will be booked in the first hour. Of the 8 lakh people who log on simultaneously during the first 10-15 minutes, only 50,000 manage to get tickets.

There are about 7.5 lakh people who go dissatisfied each day. If we increase our capacity to handle 15 lakh concurrent connections, then about 14.5 lakh customers will go dissatisfied. The solution is to increase the capacity and number of trains. My aim is to double the 50,000 bookings to over-a-lakh successful bookings in the first hour, which will reduce the number of dissatisfied customers,” he added.

From April 2011 to March 2012, a total of 11.62 crore tickets were booked successfully through the IRCTC website. In 96.12 lakh cases, payment was settled but tickets were not booked… In May and June this year, a total of 24.6 lakh cases took place where tickets were not issued even after their payments were settled.

The reasons for such incomplete transaction include entry of wrong password, network failure, etc. leading to non-confirmation of ticket.

During the first 10-15 minutes from 10am, per minute there are 13,000 users who try to book their tickets but failed.

Then what to be done?

IRCTC has to increase the bandwidth and change the capacity of successful transactions a minute and increase the limit of network infrastructure. Massive upgradation needed.

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