Is it possible to change the boarding point after reservation of seats?

Yes, It is Possible…

A passenger can change his boarding point but have to abide by the boarding rules and regulations as stated by the railway authority.

Take your E-ticket to the nearest railway reservation counter along with your ID proof and then the boarding point can be changed in the Railway Reservation system.

Please look in to the below rules.

1) A specific written request must be made to the station from where the ticket is purchased and reservation made is at least 24hrs before the scheduled departure of the train from the starting station.

2) No refund will be permissible for the portion of journey not performed.

3) New boarding point should be within the originally booked journey route. In case if it is outside the originally booked journey route, a fresh ticket has to be purchased for the additional journey part.

While making changes in the travel, a passenger may change his boarding point to any other intermediate station or he may pre pone or post pone his reservation if he follows the above rules.

If the passenger has once done with his changes in the boarding station, he will lose the right to board the train from his previous station. Once the changes are finalized, no further changes can be made and the passenger will not be given any refund for the unused portion of the journey.  If found travelling without proper travel authority, the passenger then will have to pay the fare with penalty between the original boarding station and the changed boarding station.

Let’s assume train starts at Station-X, goes through Station Y and Z…
Suppose you had booked ticket with boarding point as Y, and now you want it to be X, then you can go to station X, and get a ticket for travel between X and Y in the particular train, this charge will be high compared to the local train charge.




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