JetLite PNR Status

JetLite is a wholly owned subsidiary of JetLite Airways India Ltd and it is positioned in the market as value based airlines which provide values for economical fares. It also provides in-flight meals, and in-flight shopping facilities. It connects up to 30 domestic cities and 1 international city.

Check Pnr Status at JetLite operates about 110 flights daily and provide frequent flier miles in partnership with JetLitePrivilege. The fleet of JetLite includes 1 Canadian Regional JetLite 200 and 18 Boeing 737 Aircraft. The website of JetLite offers the facility of online booking and check-in facility.

JetLite airlines provide high quality domestic flights to selected destinations to meet the customer’s demand of a larger section of Indian community. Passengers can easily check the JetLite Airways  flight status by visiting the JetLite Airways  website. Passengers can also make calls to customer care to get the JetLite Airways  PNR Status. Passengers can easily check the flight status prior to leaving their place and avoid any last minute hassle.

Checking JetLite Airways PNR status

Customers can explore the JetLite Airways website for checking the details of their flight status. Once a customer log on to the website for knowing the details of PNR status, he/she needs to enter following details.

•             First name of the passenger

•             Last name of the passenger

•             Booking reference number

The first name and last name of the passenger should be same as mentioned in the reservation ticket. Passengers can submit the details by visiting the following link.

Making calls to JetLite Airways customer care number

Customers can make calls to multi-purpose customer care department to get the complete details of JetLite Airways PNR Status by dialling +91 followed by metro city code and then 3989 3333.

Another Toll Free number that can be reachable from Tata, Vodafone MTNL, and BSNL lines from all over India is 1800 22 3020.

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