Longest Railway Platform in India

Indian Railways is known to be the largest railway network in Asia and world’s largest railway system under a single management. IR employs about 1.6 million people, making itself the second largest commercial or utility employer in the world.

Indian Railways have more than 7,500 railway stations.

Kharagpur in West bengal has the longest railway platform in India. This platform can take a 50 coach train in a single platform that is equal to more than two long superfast trains in India. Usually a train has 21 coaches but the khargpur platform can take 2 trains in a single platform.

The length of the Kharagpur Railway platform is 1072.5m (around 3,517 ft). The platform was originally 716m long.  Its length was extended twice, once to 833m and then to its present length. Kharagpur is located in the Midnapore West district of the state of West Bengal. It is famous as the place where the first Indian Institute of Technology was established. Kharagpur also has one of the biggest railway workshops in India. This is known to be the longest platform in the world.

The station is situated at a distance of 5Km from Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur. This station is well connected to the town with good facilities. The kharakpur station is well equipped with computerized reservation facility and Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is also available.

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