Nine Corridors identified for Semi High Speed Trains

Indian Railways to introduce semi high speed trains to raise the train speed and have identified nine corridors.These trains will be introduced in the route where the present speed is 160-200 kmph. The first semi high speed passenger train will be run from New Delhi to Agra and the estimated cost for upgradation work is Rs.16.35 crores.

The nine corridor rail routes include

  • Delhi-Agra
  • Delhi-Chandigarh
  • Delhi-Kanpur
  • Nagpur-Bilaspur
  • Mysore-Bangalore-Chennai
  • Mumbai-Goa
  • Mumbai-Ahmedabad
  • Chennai-Hyderabad
  • Nagpur-Secunderabad

The speed of trains will be decided based on issues like track capacity, bridges, signaling in that particular routes. On the basis of future maximum permissible speed, present railways classified broad gauge lines in to six groups.

  • Group ‘A’- Speeds upto 160 kmph.
  • Group ‘B’-Speeds upto 130 kmph
  • Group ‘C’- Suburban section of Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi & Calcutta
  • Group ‘D’ special & ‘D’- Speeds upto 110 kmph
  • Group ‘E’- Speeds upto 100 kmph.

semi high speed

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