Non-Veg in Vegetarian Dish ordered by a passenger on Guwahati-Rajdhani Express train

A funny thing happened very recently in Guwahati-Rajdhani Express train. A passenger ordered vegetarian dish and interestingly found pieces of bones in it. It’s such a pathetic condition of catering services by railways and the quality of food served to passengers in trains.

Immediately the passenger complained to the manager in the train and found an indecent response blaming the passenger that it is the passenger fault of ordering non-veg dish not veg dish. The passenger filed a written complaint to Railway Head Quarters. Railways reacted to the situation and imposed a fine of Rs.1 lakh to the caterer in the train.

It’s not the first incident happened in trains. Earlier, a cockroach was found in the food of Kolkata train. Though action has been taken by railways on caterers these types of incidents happening repeatedly.

Railways have to take this issue seriously and should look for an alternative of serving good food to passengers on trains.

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