Patna-Jabalpur Special train

To clear extra rush of passengers during Diwali festival season,special train will run between Patna and Jabalpur.

01711/01712 Jabalpur-Patna-Jabalpur Special train will run according to below timings.

01711 Jabalpur-Patna Special train will start from Jabalpur on 10,12,14,16,18 and 20 Nov at 12.25 hrs,reaches13.40 hrs to Katni,14.30 hrs to Maihar,15.05 hrs to Satna,17.00 hrs to Manikpur,18.30 hrs to Chebakia,20.05 hrs to Mirzapur,23.00 hrs at Mughal Sarai,00.23 hrs to Baksar,01.21 hrs Ara,and finally reach Patna at 03.15 hrs.

01712 Patna-Jabalpur Special train will start from Patna on 11,13,15,17,19 and 21 Nov at 14.10 hrs and reaches Ara at 15.23 hrs,16.28 hrs to Baksar,18.20 hrs to Mughal Sarai,19.38 hrs Mirzapur,21.18 hrs to Chebakia,23.38 hrs to Manikpur,01.05 hrs to Satna,01.36 hrs to Maihar,02.45 hrs to Katni and will reach Jabalpur at 04.40 hrs.

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