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PNR number is being used daily by many passengers across the world for obtaining the details of their travel. Thus, there is high search volume for Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry every day and many people look for various convenient ways for getting the desired information.

See for Pnr Status. There are many ways of getting the PNR status including checking PNR status online on IRCTC site,  by telephone, by mobile using SMS, or by using services of various travel websites like Cleartrip or Rediff on the mobiles using internet.

There are many different ways of checking the Indian Railways PNR status by using mobile phone.

Some of thepopularways of finding PNR status using mobile phone are mentioned below.

(1) Checking PNR status using 3 Digit SMS Short Code 139:

Passengers can check the PNR status by using 3 Digit SMS short code which is officially provided by IRCTC service; however passengers need to make payment for premium SMS charges.

Process of fetching PNR status:

Send an SMS with text PNR followed by the PNR number (without any spaces) to 139.  For ex.: “PNR1234546453” to 139

(2) Checking PNR status using short code of Indian railways 5676747

Passengers can check the PNR status by using alternate short code 5676747 which is officially provided by IRCTC service.

Process of fetching PNR status:

Send an SMS PNR <space><10 digit PNR number> to 5676747

For ex.: “PNR 1234546453” to 5676747

(3) Checking PNR status by sending SMS to 10 digit regular mobile number

Passengers can check the PNR status by sending the SMS to a 10 digit Indian mobile number. This service is provided by Google and is very useful for those passengers who need to check their PNR status for about 3-4 times a day at certain time intervals.

It is useful alternative to other services where passengers are billed at premium rates for sending SMS to 3 digit short codes.

Process of fetching PNR status:

Send an SMS by mentioning only the PNR number to “9773300000”

For ex. SMS: “1234546453” to 9773300000

(4)    Checking PNR status by using GPRS enabled phone:

Passengers, who have an active GPRS enabled phone, can check the PNR status by connecting internet. They need to browse the Indian railways site at and insert their PNR status on the “Check PNR” field. The PNR status with the relevant details will be displayed on the screen.

(5)    Checking PNR by making calls to Indian Railways Helpline:

In case passengers are not comfortable with sending SMS and accessing Internet, they can get the PNR status by making calls to Indian railways helpline at 139 and follow the instructions offered by IVRS (Interactive Voice Response) for checking the PNR status.

By sending SMS using mobile is one of the quickest and simple ways of checking the PNR status. Moreover, there has been sharp increase in the internet booking of the railways tickets using the IRCTC website all over India. As India’s internet user base is growing quickly, passengers are using internet services for checking the PNR status.  One advantage of using Internet over SMS for getting PNR status is that one can save on premium SMS charges.

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