Psycho kills a 6 year old girl at Secunderabad Railway Station

A family from Siddipet came to Hyderabad to attend an occasion at Solapur and lost their child. It’s really a heart touching incident happened today at Secunderabad Railway Station. A psycho entered in to the station with 2 Knifes and attacked the child. He didn’t carry any ticket with him…What happened to Light Detectors? Are they working?

psycho kill a girl

Who is responsible for this? No answer from Railway Department…

psycho kills a girl in secunderbad station

Today the incident shows clearly that even a terrorist can carry bombs in to the station easily. So, who is bothered about the safety and security of passengers?

One pity thing is that no Railway Security Force available in the station. Co-Passengers caught the Psycho, battered him and handed over to the police.

Atleast from now Railways have to open their eyes and take this issue seriously.

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One thought on “Psycho kills a 6 year old girl at Secunderabad Railway Station

  • pnr status says:

    nice portal giving hot-spot is really unfair incident. such a great secure place by India rail way police and crowd is really bad sign for public security.