Send an SMS to 81212-Get rid of your problems in train

A simple SMS to 81212 will make your problems in train solved. This would be a check to passenger’s problems.

Whenever you face problems like taps not functioning in train or any other problems as such then just send one SMS stating your problem along with your train details. Its gets solved within no time. After the problem is solved you will receive an SMS to your mobile.

Complaint in Railway

Here is a live example:

A passenger travelling in Hyderabad Express train from Chennai to Hyderabad found the taps not functioning. Immediately she sent an SMS to 81212 with her problem. Within 15 min of train reaching the station, the problem was solved by technicians.

Recent information from railways is that on an average per day they receive SMS from 120 passengers and solves them within no time.

This SMS facility first started in 2011 by South Central Railway where they received 64 SMS on average per day. Present they are receiving 120 SMS/day on an average.

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