Trains Cancelled due to line block in Nanded Division

South Central Railway will impose a Line Block on 1st and 2nd November 2012 at Level Crossing No. 131 between Mirkhal and Purna Stations of Nanded Division to carry out Road Under Bridge work the following Trains are Cancelled/Partially Cancelled:

1.Train No.07502 Parli Vaijnath-Purna Express fully cancelled between Parbhani and Purna.

2.Train No. 11401 Mumbai CSTM-Nagpur Nandigram Express will be regulated at Parbhani for 1 hour and 25 minutes from 03:45 hrs to 05:10 hrs.

3. Train No. 51422 Nizamabad-Pune Passenger will be regulated at Purna for 2 hours from 03:55 hrs to 05:55 hrs.

4.Train No. 57515 Daund-Hazur Sahib Nanded Passenger will be regulated between Jalna and Parbhani for 3 hours and 50 minutes and the train will return back to Parbhani at 05:15 hrs.

5.Train No.57594 Hazur Saheb Nanded-Kacheguda Passenger will be rescheduled to depart Nanded at 07:30 hrs instead of 04:55 hrs and will run up to Nizamabad

6.Train No. 57593 Kacheguda-Hazur Saheb Nanded Passenger will originate form Nizamabad.

7.Train No. 02801 Vishakapatnam-Shirdi Sai Nagar Special Train regulated at Purna for 01 Hour 30 Minutes.

8.Train No. 17063 / 17064 Manmad-Secunderabad-Manmad Ajantha Express will be diverted to run via Vikarabad, Parli Vaijyanath and Parbhani.

9. Train No. 51421 Pune-Nizamabad Passenger Train will be regulated at Parbhani for one hour.

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