Trains cancelled/Diverted due to derailment of one trolley and Engine of a goods train near Palwal

Due to Derailment of one trolley and the engine of a goods train at point no. 160-B near Palwal of Delhi Division of Northern Railway the following trains have been diverted/cancelled/Rescheduled as under :

List of Diverted Trains :

The following trains have been diverted to run via Ghaziabad-Tundla-Agra Section:-

18238 Amritsar-Bilaspur Chatisgarh Express,

12138 Ferozpur-Mumbai Punjab Mail

13008 Sriganganagar-Howrah Udhya Abha Express

12804 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Vishakhapattnam Swaran Jayanti Exp

While the 12904 Amritsar-Mumbai Golden Temple Express have been diverted to run via Rewari.

List of Cancelled trains:

64957/58 Agra-Palwal-Agra Passenger

64074 New Delhi-Kosikalan EMU

64901Kashipur-Ghaziabad EMU

64905 Mathura-New Delhi EMU

64078 New Delhi-Palwal EMU

64903 Mathura-Ghaziabad EMU

Rescheduled trains:


Train No

Train Name

Scheduled Departure

Rescheduled Departure

51902  Delhi-Agra Passenger  07.05 hrs  08.30hrs
12708  H. Nizamuddin-Tirupati S.K. Exp  07.20 hrs 10.00 hrs
 12648  H.Nizamuddin-Coimbtour Kongu Exp.  8.40 hrs.  10.30 hrs
 12630 H.Nizamuddin-Yashwantpur Karnataka Exp  08.55hrs  11.30 hrs
12618 H.Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Mangla Exp9.20 hrs. 9.20 hrs. 12.00 hrs.
 12808  H.Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Samta Express 5.15 hrs  12.30 hrs

List of Trains Suffered detention/partial Detention:

11057 Lok Manya Tilak-Amritsar Dadar Express

12727 Hydrabad-Nizamuddin Dakshin Express

12477Jamnagar-Jammu Superfast

12919 Indore-Jammu tawi Malwa Exp.

19019 Bandra-Dehradun Dehradun Exp.

12447 Manikpur-H.Nizamuddin Express

12415 Indore-H.Nizamuddin Intercity Exp.

12615 Chennai-New Delhi GT Exp.

12429 Bangalore-H.Nizamuddin Rajdhani Exp

12779 Vasco-d-gama- H.Nizamuddin Goa Express

12964 Udaipur-Nizamuddin Intercity Express

12621 Chennai-New Delhi Tamilnadu Exp.

12263 Pune-H.Nizamuddin Duronto Exp

The above mentioned trains suffered delay between Mathura-Agra Section due to regulation of the above trains.

The IIIrd line of the affected section was restored at 5:00 hours in the morning. Divisional Rail Manager and other senior officials from Delhi Division have already reached at derailment site with state-of-the-art equipments for the quick restoration of the section.

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