What is RS12 55 in Indian Railways PNR Status?

I have planned a journey between New Delhi and Muzaffarpur Jn and booked my tickets online. While checking my pnr status I found the status as RS12 55. I got very much confused after looking in to my status.

I don’t know whether my berth is confirmed or not? Can I board the train?

These are the questions that rose in my mind. Later on I came to know something about this which I want to share with you guys. I think even you people might have this sort of ambiguity.

RS12 55: R-S12-55

R stands for RAC which means Reservation against Cancellation.

An RAC ticket gets you on the train and in your chosen class, but there’s a chance you could end up with just a seat instead of a berth which means you have to share your berth with some other RAC passenger.

RAC ticket holders can board the reserved coach for the overnight journey, but are only assured of reserved sitting accommodation on the seats. If no berths become available, two RAC ticket holders have to share the seats.

S12 It is the coach number which means your seat is confirmed in S12 coach.

55 It is your Seat No.



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